Name: Benjamin “Ben” Westford

Age: He thinks he’s in his sixties, but he stopped caring how old a long time ago.

Species: Vampire

Job: News paper Reporter

About: Working as a reporter for what most consider to be a trashy tabloid, Ben is a nosey but mostly well meaning vampire. He uses his position as a scout for the local Vampire community to pursue a career in writing which is something he always enjoyed doing. As a young man he lived overseas and moved over after he became a vampire. He came with certain members of the vampire community to set up a base of operations in North America and to keep order amongst the dwindling vampire community. Ben has been working and living in a small office building for about ten years with his young assistant Nai. Things went pretty smoothly until news that Ian Easton, a vicious vampire criminal, had appeared in the city.

Name: Naidashi “Nai” Yoshimoto

Age: 19

Species: Bird Demon, commonly called a “Fallen Angel” by the english, and a “Tengu” by the Japanese. They have another name, but it’s very long and nobody bothers to learn it, not even the members of the species.

Job: Photographer, Journalism Student

About: A happy go lucky young man who lives on Ben’s couch. He just appeared in this world one day when he was a child and couldn’t figure out how to get home. Very little can make him angry, unless you insult Ben whom he looks up to as a Boss an ‘older brother’ of sorts, however he gets flustered and panicky when you criticize him. Can be passive aggressive when irritated but rarely confronts things head on. He has large wings that he can hide using shapeshifting magic. He looks and sounds Japanese, but he is a demon so all that is purely coincidental.

Names: Stella and Linda Storm.

Ages: 26 and 24

Species: Human

Jobs: Journalism Professor and Police officer.

About: These sisters are currently living together and are the world to one another. Stella being a no nonsense professor and Linda being a sarcastic and easily excitable Police officer. Star prefers afternoons reading the paper while Linda enjoys listening to masked hero radio plays a little too loudly. Star liked to research and carefully learn about problems while Linda often jumps to conclusions. Both of them are stubborn and hard to convince they’re not on the right path. Neither of them believe in the things in The Eris City report. Those things are just plain silly.

Name: Ian Easton

Age: He’s older than Ben but younger than Priscilla

Species: Vampire

Job: Rebel Vampire

About: Living his younger days as part of a gang of thieves, Ian rose to become a fairly influential member of the vampire community. In the middle ages, after the humans slaughtered the vampire population to low numbers, Ian and a band of loyal followers broke off from the main vampire community. He regarded the elder vampires decision to lay low and try and avoid human contact to be cowardly and has vowed one day to come back and take his revenge on humans. He and his followers now go around and kidnap humans to turn into vampires and turning them to their own cause. Often by cruel and violent ways to twist the victim to go slightly mad. What exactly could he be up to now in Eris city?

Names: Priscilla, Fern, Rhonda and Dumitru

Ages: Old. But Prism is the oldest and Rhonda is the youngest.

Species: Vampires

About: These four are some of the senior members of Ian’s band of rogue vampires. Priscilla is easily irritated and hates to be reminded of how short and young she looks. Fern is quiet but has a sadistic streak a mile long and as such is often in charge of indoctrinating people into their band. Rhonda is bubbly and easily attracted by cute things however has a wicked temper. She was turned into a vampire at the same time as Ben.  Dumitru has trouble with English easily set into a rage. He’s very handy with a knife. It’s best not to get on his bad side.

Name: Gregory Reece

Age: 29

Species: Human

Job: Police man

About: A grumpy and easily angered police officer who is Linda’s superior officer. He’s the officer that has direct dealings with the vampire console and often is the middle man between the two agencies. He has a low tolerance for demons, however does has a soft spot for small children.

Name: Speck and Punch Capello

Age: 25

Species: Human

Job: Gangster

About: These two are enforcers for the human gang of criminals, The Capello family. Neither are particularly smart but both are fiercely loyal to their family and will protect the head of the family without question. They barely have any morals and will kick puppies if they get in there way. Specks is considered the best shot in the family despite his eyesight being weak, and Punch is stronger than most of the family. However neither one can summon enough courage to disobey their father.

Name: Doctor Raminder

Age: 42

Species: Human

Job: Dentist and part time parapsychologist

About: Good old Doctor Raminder is a slightly terrifying looking Dentist that works across the way from Ben. Short and implike, the Doctor is exceedingly human. Despite his interest in the occult and various attempts at summoning demons and using black magic to cure tooth decay, he has yet to actually successfully do anything that didn’t end in disappointing results. Moved here from India to start a new life, apparently has family back home that don’t mind that he no longer pays them visits.

Name: Great Pharoh Sumiatra

Age: Was 14 at time of mummification. Who even knows anymore.

Species: Mummy

Job: Finding his amulet.

About: The remains of a long dead boy king of Egypt that was brought back to existence by the sudden theft of the Amulet of the Sun. The amulet was stolen by Ian’s vampires and thus Sumi will not rest until he’s tracked them down and retrieved his amulet. Ignorant of the current state of the world, humanity, technology, and customs. However he has promised to avoid unnecessary contact with normal human and to bring information of the vampires location if and when he tracks down his amulet.

Name: Lady Beatrice and Sir Jonah

Age: Around Lady Priscilla’s age.

Species: Vampire

Job: Vampire Council members

About: The current leaders of the Eris city vampire community. All vampires in the area report to them and are assigned positions in the community by them. They are the judge, jury, and political leaders and are not to be crossed. Lady Beatrice lived her life as a Medieval Lady before turned, and Sir Jonah was a knight under her banner. They hold rather old fashioned views but will do whatever the can to protect the vampires in their area. Lady Beatrice is stern, but will often be the voice of reason between the two. Sir Jonah is passionate, but also often will lose him head if Beatrice is not there to reine him in.

Name: Rashidi The Red

Age: Far older than most people realize.

Species: Vampire

Job: Head of the Crimson cloaks in the Eris city area.

About: Kind and noble, Rashidi is a man that believes in upholding the letter of the vampire law.  The long standing leader of the crimson cloaks, a group dedicated to protecting vampires from outside forces and punishing criminal vampires. He’s been around so long he cares little for humans, but is often fiercely protective of young vampires. Was very close to Ben when the vampire council was acclimating him to vampire life.

Name: Nancy Bishaka Xanthia

Age: 15

Species: Human

Job: Student Witch

About: Nancy is a young witch and adopted daughter of Beladona and Monique Xanthia. She is very shy and has trouble speaking due to a stutter she has never been able to fully overcome. She is proficient in potions and research, but often has trouble with spells that require long indications for obvious reasons.

Name: Beladona and Monique Xanthia

Age: They both are around 50 years old, but they refuse to tell people exactly how old they both are.

Species: Human

Job: Witches

About: Beladona was from a wealthy, high class and old magic family. Monique was a stage dancer that used her magic for cheap stage tricks and causing trouble for crooks. The two meet in Paris under stressed circumstances involving Beladona running from her responsibilities to marry into another old magic family and Monique running from some criminals she messed with. Of course they fell in love ,eloped and ran away to North America to start a new life away from everything. Beladona is stern and has an extremely low tolerance of know-it-all men, especially reporters. She excels in complex spells that require a lot of preparation as they cater to her detailed oriented thought process. Monique is cheerful, flirtatious and often doesn’t quite know where personal boundaries are. She excels in charms and flashier magic that suits her creative nature more.